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“The most endangered phenomenon of our time is the experience of Wilderness.”

– Ian McCallum

Wild Nature

Our guided Primitive Trails through Africa’s wild spaces will enable ways of looking at the natural world and yourself differently. It’s a purposeful exploration into the meaning of wildness through a completely immersive experience. We focus on needs and not wants, paring things down to their most essential so participants can have an undistracted grounding experience. Africa Trails Co. cultivates an appreciation for simplicity, silence, solitude and the opportunity for reflection that this brings.

The Africa Trails Co. Ethos

Everything we do comes from a place of principle to maintain the integrity of the natural world. So, we leave no trace when we are in wild places, value all wildlife equally and engage with animals in a calm and non-confrontational way. It’s about acknowledging our relationship with nature, and our impact on those who come after us.