Africa Trails Co.

The establishment of Africa Trails Company has been a natural progression and international extension of Lowveld Trails Company. Founded in 2016 Lowveld Trails Co. initiated a revival of holistic nature based experiences through industry-leading Trails, Trails Guide Training, Mentorship and Assessments. Based on the companies Primitive Wilderness Trail experience, they collaborated with the development of an alternative tourism model for Akagera National Park, Rwanda. This process resulted in the establishment of ‘Trail de Akagera’ and Africa Trails Co.

Our mutualistic relationship with Akagera Management Company (AMC), which is included in the African Parks Network, means participants have exclusive access to one of Africa’s most celebrated wild places. There are only 12 set-departures per year (during August, September and October), which is aligned with the best season to appreciate the intrinsic scenic and wilderness qualities of this spectacular Park.

The Africa Trails Co. Team of Primitive Wilderness Trail Guides have extensive experience and the highest qualifications in their field, ensuring they’re ready to safely and confidently lead Trail de Akagera. They are all involved with training and assessing Trails Guides themselves (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa assessors) and continously develop their own skills by engaging in experientially-based education. Combined with the ‘soft skills’ that comes from years of leading Primitive Wilderness Trails the team is capable of facilitating a fully immersive and meaningful experience.

Rediscover Your Wild Nature

Join us on a Guided Primitive Trail through Africa’s wild spaces. It will enable ways of looking at the Natural World and your Self differently. 

Africa Trails Co. offers a purposeful exploration into the meaning of wildness. As our worlds become hyper-connected and overcomplicated, a guided Primitive Trail provides the ability to escape from the noise and spend time engaging intentionally with wild places. With a naturalist’s integrated knowledge, we interpret ecology in a way that stimulates the rediscovery of relationships. With these valuable pieces of ‘wild advice’ participants are able to refocus on what is important in their life and appreciate the simplicity and silence that enables self-renewal. Our years of experience and training ensure that we have both the hard and soft skills necessary to ensure a safe, engaging and meaningful journey.