Brenden Pienaar

Professional Trails Guide, and Co-founder of Africa Trails Co. and Lowveld Trails Co., Brenden Pienaar has always experienced a special magnetism towards natural spaces and their ecological functioning. Consequently, he has made a conscious effort to gain as much experience and understanding of these intricate systems over the past eighteen years to better equip himself for a life dedicated to their interpretation and conservation.

His most valued attributes are systematic problem solving and critical thinking, which he refined during an MSc. in Ecology through the University of Witwatersrand (WITS). However, as a practically orientated individual he thrives on time spent in the bush and is continuously challenging his skills as a naturalist.

Together with a BTech: Nature Conservation, Brenden has achieved the FGASA Professional SKS Dangerous Game, SKS Birding, as well as Professional Tracker (& Trailing Specialist) through CyberTracker. In the past years he has actively conducted Backpack Trails in Kruger National Park, but he is now focused on facilitating Wilderness ‘Primitive Trails’ and Trails Guide Courses for Lowveld Trails Co. Based on his relevant field experience (incl. >12 000 trails guiding hours), he acts as National assessor for CATHSSETA & FGASA.

Brenden’s calm nature and ability to interpret the inter-connectedness of the natural environment makes him a sought-after Trails Guide and Mentor. He deeply values the concept and philosophy of Wilderness and its associated attributes.