Bruce Lawson

Bruce Lawson, ‘the’ Trails Guide Elder, has been in the Field Guiding industry since 1992, working in many parts of Africa, with the last 16 years spent in the Kruger National Park and surrounding reserves. Bruce holds the FGASA Professional SKS Dangerous Game and Birding (National level) qualifications. Additionally, he has attained the Tracker Level 3 qualification (CyberTracker).

Bruce spent 11 years in the far north of the Kruger National Park solely focused on training Trails Guides. He is a National moderator, assessor, and mentor for CATHSSETA & FGASA and also spent 8 years on the FGASA board of directors, where he did one term as vice-chair. He is currently on the FGASA Standards Setting Committee for Trails Guides and Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH).

Bruce’s passion is connecting people with Nature, while leading them on Primitive Trail. He has accumulated over 20 000 hours guiding on foot in dangerous game areas in Africa. Bruce deeply respects and value’s everything ‘Wilderness’, and has a deep passion to help people connect to their Wilderness within.

Bruce’s calm demeanor and sharp sense of humour make him a very popular and sought-after Trails Guide and Mentor.