Julie Bryden

Julie has been involved in Nature Conservation, Wildlife Management and Trails Guiding within the Greater Kruger National Park since 2002.

Graduating Cum Laude with a National Diploma and BTech: Nature Conservation, Julie has strived to underpin her theoretical conservation knowledge in a practical world. She has undergone field ranger selection and training, and completed an Advanced Field Ranger Certificate.

Within the field of Nature Site Guiding, she has achieved the FGASA Professional Trails Guide qualification, and the Tracker Level 3 qualification, including Track&Sign Specialist (CyberTracker). She is also an accredited National assessor for CATHSETA and FGASA in the fields of both Nature Conservation and Nature Site Guiding.

Besides the numerous Kruger National Park (KNP) Backpack Trails and Wilderness Primitive Trails that Julie has conducted with guests over the years, she spent almost every day for 5 years (2002 to 2007) tracking and monitoring Buffalo as part of a team responsible for the Bovine Tuberculosis Monitoring Program in the KNP. Currently Julie works in the KNP and for the Southern African Wildlife College, guiding part-time. Over the years, Julie has racked up countless hours walking on foot in dangerous game areas.

With a passion for true Wilderness and the rediscovery of original skills, Julie facilitates to ensure a reconnection with the authentic self through a grounded and pragmatic view of our inter-connectedness with the natural environment.