Massimo Rebuzzi

Massimo Rebuzzi decided at a very young age, that he wanted to work and live in the African Bush. He thus began his career as a Field Guide after high school in 2003, and that is where his heart and soul have remained!

Massimo has spent the last 17 years guiding, walking, training and assessing in the Safari and Nature Conservation industry in South Africa (Waterberg , Limpopo, Kruger National Park, Kwa-Zulu Natal) Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Massimo’s passion for nature and walking in Wilderness areas motivates him to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with people and facilitating their reconnection to nature. Hence, his focus on walking Trails. This is where Massimo feels he is most connected with himself, nature and trail participants.

Massimo’s qualifications include Professional Trails Guide, Professional Field Guide, SKS Birding, Registered FGASA Mentor and Assessor, Cybertracker Professional Tracks & Signs, Firearm Range Officer, FGASA Safari Guide of the Year 2016 Competitor (Winner categories: Shooting and Tracking) and PFTC Firearms Assessor. Massimo has accumulated more than 8,000 walking hours.

Massimo is a caring, authentic and thoughtful individual with an immense respect and love for nature and people. These qualities, together with his extensive knowledge of fauna and flora, and a holistic world view make the Trails he leads and mentors, one of a kind!